Monday, August 20, 2012

School Planning 2012

I started my school planning for our new school year in May right after we ended our 2011-2012 school year. I had some downtime, (read = not-as-crazy-as-usual-time), and knew I had to grab it. Since then I have taken time as it was available over the summer to choose curriculum, hunt for bargains & write lesson plans. I even worked at a sale in order to get 'first dibs'.  My latest conquest was my binders. Every year I make them for myself & my kids. It helps to keep us organized & to know our schedules. Believe me, it's not easy keeping track of 7 schedules! 

MAMA'S BINDER: (Schooling 11th, 8th, 5th, 2nd & preschool this year.)

This was a freebie.  It is great!  It gives me things to think about for the upcoming year to write out & pray over.

My attendance calendar (L) and grading scale (R).

A copy of the county school's grading scale (L) & My Daily Checklist (R)

This is my Chore-A-Day Chart. 
I wanted a place where I could jot down chores to focus on each day.  With all I have going on it's easy to get distracted.  This way I know I'm not forgetting anything & focusing on the most important chores. For instance Monday's focused chores are 4-5 loads of laundry; vacuuming, dusting & tidying my bedroom; shining all my sinks; folding laundry & running errands.  This by no mean is all I am doing that day.  I wish!  Lol!  It's simply focused chores that I want to make CERTAIN get accomplished.

A handy place to write down the books we've read for school.  I may even jot down some of my own.  

Someone laughed at this when they saw it in my binder.  But I like to have quick references in my binder.  I can't tell you how easy it is to get off course when I need to stop and hunt little aids down.

The small type makes it hard to see & I promise the paper is really a pretty green.  This is a course of study list for 2nd grade.  I printed one out for each of my children's grade levels with the exception of 11th.  It's nice to have as a quick reference.

Our local school calendar.  We don't follow it for our homeschool but our science co-op does.  Another handy reference.

I composed & printed a daily schedule for each of the children.  I used a different color for each.  I have one too. I didn't want to take a full picture of each for privacy reasons.

Field Trip Log
Each of the children have one of these in their binders too.

Skill Checklists for Princess

The second half of the Preschool Skill Checklist
(I am using these as a guide, not as something to be a slave to.)

These handy planning pages came from one of my favorite websites.

More from that wonderful website.

I keep lesson plans and syllabus' in my binder too.  Having everything in one place works best for me.

BUGSY'S BINDER: (2nd grade)

References for learning

He has both a page to list books read to him & books he has read himself. 
More learning helps & references.

BOO BEAR'S BINDER:       (8th grade)

Periodic Table

Government Resource

Pages to write down her daily assignments

Her learning journal

Divided by character trait & topic

An important page.

(Apologia Physical Science)

Assignment pages

Pages printed from Tests & Solutions

Pages printed from Physical Science Journal by Knowledge Box

You may have noticed that I did not include pictures of Elvis' binder or Sweet Pea's binder.  Many of the pages are the same as Bugsy's & Boo Bear's. I thought I'd save the repetition.  Of course some of the syllabus' are different but the reference & resource pages are mainly the same.  Elvis has a few extras for 5th grade as does Sweet Pea for 11th.  Princess does not need a binder yet as she will be in preschool.


Karen in MI said...

Love your binders for your children! Where did you find the reference pages (periodic table, multiplication table, how to tell time, etc.) Thanks!

Rebekah K said...

I love your notebooks! I was especially looking at your second grade one and liked a lot of the "helps" you had printed. Are you able to share where you found the How to Tell time sheet, and the ones after it: the Math Symbols & Words,
Types of Sentences, Books Read to me this Year, High Frequency words, Addition charts, US Map and Daily Schedule? I recognize the Tot School ones and the Print for the Daily Schedule, but if you are able to share links I would appreciate it.

Thanks so much!

Kristine said...

Rebekah, I'm sorry I'm so late in replying. Let me see if I saved the links. If you still want them I'll send them to you. =)