Tuesday, April 19, 2011


Sweet Pea's carpet in her room is nasty & smelly. I couldn't take it anymore. We tried washing it with our carpet cleaner. No improvement. Then we tried it with a Rug Doctor we rented. Very little improvement. It was fantastic BTW on all our other carpets but they are newer. This carpet was the original with the house & looks and smells all of it's 20 + years. I finally convinced Dave to tear it out.
Here is her floor after the carpet was ripped out.

And the other angle.

We bleached the floor & let it dry for 2 days. Tonight Dave & Sweet Pea worked on sanding it in the rough spots. Here is Sweet Pea working hard & trying to avoid the camera. =)

Dave waves his rump roast in the air. Lol!

Painting the floor.

Sweet Pea had hoped for a pink floor but it seems they had almost every color in floor paint except pink & purple. So she settled for a light gray. It will go nicely when her walls are eventually painted pink. We want to re-carpet her room but don't have the funds. And putting a wood floor (or laminate) in would cost even more. We thought paint was the second best choice to make the floor look nice. Lowe's was very helpful in showing Dave the right paint to buy. Eventually we will get new carpet in her room but for now the paint will add a polished look to the floor & room.

I'll be back soon with updates!

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Mama Teaching 3 said...

What a great idea in a pinch! I am impressed. :) Hi, Sweetpea! :)