Friday, April 15, 2011

Last Day & What A Great One It Was!

Today was our last day official day of co-op for the year. We have had such a great time learning together. We started our day with prayer & then begin our geography lesson. The middle schoolers & high schoolers did their world geography in the next room. Here is Boo & her friends presenting their report on Israel.
Princess wanted to be a big girl today & joined us for our lesson. Here she is coloring a page on China.

Working on their maps while they listen to Mrs. Jen.

She always impresses me at how good she is with the little ones.

The kids proudly hold up their paper lanterns for the camera.

Bugs coloring his fish kite.

Back to the big kids!

Here is Sweet Pea presenting her report on Afghanistan.

Best buds!

Miss Kristi cracked me up when she jumped in the photo at the last second! Lol!

This was actually taken in the dark. Miss Abby did part of their science lesson by flashlight. The kids loved that! They all had several turns at looking at slides under her microscope. Cool!

Prairie Primer was party time today!

We played games that Laura & Mary enjoyed.

A lively game of Drop the Handkerchief.

Run, Bugs! Run!

There were lots of giggles as we played Blind Man's Bluff.

Blind Man! Bluff!

Princess loved getting in on the fun.

We played Poor Kitty too.

There was only one who could keep a straight face. Lol!

And what's a party without CAKE?

We brought cupcakes to share with everyone to celebrate Princess' recent birthday.

The kids broke out in cheers when the surprise of cupcakes was revealed.

Princess joined in the excitement.

She loved it when everyone sang to her.

Big smiles!


I think you can guess what her favorite part was. =0)

Their final fun in history was to make up their own country. The kids were incredibly creative! Elvis even made up his own song.

While finishing up some fun worksheets Bugs called out for help. I was across the room & made my way over to help him. Before I got there one of our sweet girls responded & helped him with the entire sheet. I was very touched by her kindness & immediate response. This is one of my favorite things about having all our kids of various ages together instead of separating them by each grade level.

Helping to clean up at the end of the day.


Love those smiles!

See my baby? She has become quite the little mommy. =0)

We have enjoyed our co-op immesely this year. We have learned so much & had a ton of fun doing it. We've made many great friends too. We are already planning & looking forward to next year. Each time we start to talk about it I get super excited! I can hardly wait until August!

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Claire said...

That looks like so much fun! I hope we can find a good co-op next year.