Monday, April 25, 2011

Love Publix Sales!

I made a Publix run on Friday with all 5 kids. I had my coupons & list in hand as usual. It was a challenge having all the kids there but I kept them occupied by giving them jobs. They were thrilled to share in the glory of having saved over $100! Yes, $100! We spent $78 & saved $100! I was very happy! I was able to pick up lots of things we needed plus a couple of treats too. Hooray!

10 boxes of Special K cereal (variety of flavors)

3 - 64oz. of Mott's Natural Apple Juice

6 boxes of Barilla pasta (different shapes)

4 boxes of Barilla whole wheat spag.

4 bags of Lender's bagels

4 cans frozen Old Orchard juice

4 boxes of Trident gum (free)

1 box Scotties tissues

4 bottles of Pam spray

4 bottles of Wesson oil

4 - 48oz. jars Mott's applesauce (no high fructose corn syrup)

6 boxes of Quaker Chewy Granola bars

2 - 32 oz. jars Hellman's Canola Mayo.

2 - 16 oz. bottles of Kraft salad dressing

1 - 2L bottle of Pepsi

1 - 2L bottle of Mountain Dew

Breyer's Heath Bar ice cream

Breyer's Oreo ice cream

2 - 10oz. boxes of Wheat Thins

1 - spray bottle of Resolve Spray & Wash (I LOVE this stuff!)

I also scored a 10+ lb. spiral ham at Aldi's for $9!

(.88 cents/lb.) Yummers!

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