Saturday, April 23, 2011

Block Party!

One of the local churches threw a block party in the city square. They said it was a way for them to give back to the community. I thought it was very sweet & generous. Everything but the food & carriage rides were FREE. Wow! There was a petting zoo, face painting, a clown making balloon animals, a fire engine & firefighters, several inflatables, live music, massages & give-a-ways.

The boys in the bounce house.

The slide.

Boo took Princess for a few rides.

She couldn't get enough! We finally had to carry her away.

The boys liked petting the goats.

Boo fell in love.

Elvis' favorite was this little guy.

This firefighter was wonderful. He was super friendly & enthusiastic. He answered all the kid's questions & let them sit in the fire truck as long as they liked.

Waiting in line to have their faces painted.

Bugs choosing what design to have painted on.

Elvis is a work in progress.

Our cute puppy!

A fishing game.

Bugsy's sweet face was too little for the cowboy design he wanted.

It barely fit on his arm! Lol!

The boys enjoyed this little challenge.

We enjoyed our free fans from one of our favorite radio stations.

I have been saving my birthday money & found this sweet handbag for half price. I love it!

Sweet Pea bought herself some "bling" with her babysitting money.

Even Princess got a design. We knew she wouldn't hold still for it on her face so the lady painted her leg. Princess was fascinated with it!

She kept looking at it for a long time.


Boo had a cowgirl painted.

We had a fantastic time!

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