Wednesday, April 27, 2011

At 5 a.m. 'Bob', our weather radio, started sounding his alarm. He went off at least 5 times & the last blaring was to warn of a tornado. Dave & I immediately gathered all the children & made haste to our safe place. Thankfully we had prepared the night before so there was little that we needed to grab. Everyone was sleepy but moved quickly knowing how serious this was. Once we were inside our safe room aka the downstairs bathroom the weather radio stated we needed to be in our safe place "NOW". I have never heard the weather radio state that before & it was scary.

The boys packed toys in their backpacks. This not only helps keep boredom away but helps keep them distracted from the worry & fright. Their place to wait out the storm is the bathtub.

Princess cuddles with Daddy while Sweet Pea ducks under a blanket to avoid the camera.

In pursuit of Sweet Pea. Lol!

Boo chose to make herself cozy in the bathroom closet.

Sleepy but still smiling. Well mostly.

After the tornado had passed Sweet Pea went outside to take out the trash. While there she discovered the winds had moved the trampoline a few feet towards the house.

Where that square joint of bars is on the right is where the bench usually sits to allow the kids to climb in. The winds moved it at least a few feet. I was told later that the gusts reached 111mph.

Once back inside I decided to straighten up our safe room. We are expecting another round of tornadoes & storms. I like to be as prepared as possible. We prepared a lot the night before but I wanted it actually inside the room. The room wasn't scrubbed as much as I like either so I wanted to give it a good cleaning too.

The bag on the top shelf holds a pair of shoes for everyone. In addition to our regular bathroom supplies the second shelf holds snacks & bottled water.

Everyone, including Mommy, has a backpack filled with things to keep us occupied if we have to hide out for long term. I have some needed items in mine including allergy medicine, tissues, Blistex, a little cash, my I.D., pen & paper, a change of clothes for myself & Princess, and my memory cards (photos are precious to me). Comfy blankets & comforters are on the floor & in the tub to make things more comfortable.

Backpacks & several flashlights and batteries.

The tub is made cozy with puffy comforters.

Snacks, water, school books as seen before. The cooler is stocked with drinks, apples & ice and tucked in the corner of the closet with Princess' backpack on top. Boo has a blanket & pillow waiting for her.

A close up picture. Yes, my purse is tucked into the side of the last shelf as well as a first aid kit. My camera is in there too.

A tornado, possibly more, touched down in our city this morning. Dave drove in to work & saw major damage only a mile away from our home. A co-worker told him she saw it on the highway which runs parallel to our home. I didn't realize it was so close. Some homes & businesses were either damaged or destroyed. Many, many trees are down & traffic lights are out. We're due for another severe round this afternoon. I'm praying & praying for God to keep us all safe and thank Him for His protection He has already granted us.

~Psalm 91~


Jolene said...

Looks like you are prepared. Praying that you don't have to use your emergency supplies and clothes. Keep safe.

Claire said...

Do you only put those things in there when you are expecting bad weather? I'm just wondering how you have all that in there and still use the bathroom for its intended purpose. I think I need to set something up too. We've already had several bad storms since we've moved to MS.

Kristine said...

Claire, yes it's just there for the bad weather. Thankfully the weather alerts usually come hours or even days in advance. I keep the comforters on the top shelf of my bathroom closet as it is a great storage place & easy to grab in an emergency. The closet is normally only stocked with the reg. bathroom supplies, towels, a hamper & bath toys. The hamper & toys were left in the hallway to make room. The chair was for me to sit on but is normally in the kitchen. And I never keep food in my bathroom. Hee,hee. =) Now that we've lived here for 2.5 years we have the drill down pretty well. I like to be prepared & organized if at all possible. Everyone chips in to help which helps a bunch. Hope you all are safe & these storms stay away.

Kristine said...

That's what I was hoping too. I try to think worst case scenario & prepare. The snacks, drinks & toys came in handy with all the time we spent in the bathroom today. Thank you for the prayers! Do you get this kind of weather over there?

Marlika said...

Very nice emergency plan for your family.