Friday, August 6, 2010

A Very Special Day

This is what greeted me soon after I woke up this morning. Breakfast in bed served to me by my loving husband & 5 precious children! Today is our 16th wedding anniversary & Dave took the day off as a surprise. How wonderful to have him home! We spent some time at home and then splurged on a movie & a late lunch. It was a great day & so nice spending time with my husband.

I'm feeling nostalgic today and thought I'd share a couple of photos. These aren't the best quality as they are a photo of a photo. But I wanted to share them anyway.

Walking down the aisle...........
After we cut the cake we shared a special kiss.
This is one of my very favorite photos of us together.

I feel extremely blessed. God gave me my husband & best friend all wrapped into one. We have gone through so much together and have only grown stronger for it all. I love him with all my heart & pray we have many, many more years together.


Rhonda said...

Happy Anniversary. What a sweet family you have for making your day so special. Your wedding photos are beautiful!

Julia said...

Aw, how sweet ♥ Happy Anniversary!!