Saturday, August 21, 2010

First Fall Soccer Practices

Friday was a HUGE day. Not only did we spend the day at our first co-op of the year but we had 3 soccer practices that same evening. We were home for a quick half hour before we ran out the door again. That time was spent scrambling for water bottles, soccer gear & dry clothes for baby. We made it just in time for practice #1.
Elvis had the first practice. He is on an all boys team this season.

Next it was both Boo & Bugsy's turn. They had practices on side-by-side fields. This was nice for us as we were able to plant ourselves in the middle & watch.

Princess hung out in her stroller.

Getting a drink.
It was HOT!

"Reading" a book.

She was cracking me up with her cuteness. She'd open the book, look at the pages, babble a little and then slam it shut. She did this over & over again. Super cute!

Boo practicing.

Boo & her best friend in TN.

Bugs was working hard at his practice too.

Practicing dribbling & trapping while playing "Red Light, Green Light".


Love the shadows!

Dave is an assistant coach on Bugsy's team.

Getting ready to take a shot on goal.


His little happy dance after he scored was precious.

Another kick & another net ball.

Random fun pics.

It was late so we decided to stop for dinner.

The boys shared a dessert after dinner.

The girls shared one too.

Princess enjoyed hers too. Every time Dave tried to get a bite she had her eyes on him. Too funny!

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Julia said...

haha.. those pictures of the baby reading the book are just priceless!