Saturday, August 7, 2010

Successful Treasure Hunt

I've been looking for a square coffee table for a couple of years. The last few months I've been looking frequently on Craig's List. The only one I found without glass & was pure wood I never got a return call from the seller. Today Dave & I stopped in at a used furniture store I had seen advertised in the garage sale category. They had some nice furniture and very reasonable prices. While we were looking the owner greeted us & told us there were more in his buddy's store next door. I'm glad he told us b/c we didn't know it was there & would have missed our find. Yes, under some other furniture was a wooden coffee table! And to boot the price was $15! Winner! As Dave hauled it out to the van I was excited to see the stamp on the bottom. I'm very happy with our find.

Here it is!

The top.
Princess loved rubbing her hands on the smooth surface.

The stamp on the bottom. =0)

Princess enjoyed polishing it up for Mommy.

I've never seen the kids so excited to clean a piece of furniture! Lol!

It is now happy in our family room. I love it!
We will definitely be visiting that shop again!


Rhonda said...

Very nice and such a great price! I love finding treasures like that.

Julia said...

That is so awesome! What a great deal!