Monday, August 23, 2010

Starting Our Work

Today we worked on co-op homework. In our all day family co-op we are studying Prairie Primer, Apologia Zoology 2, World Geography & Health/P.E. We have another small co-op on the alternating weeks and for that we are studying Homeschool in the Woods Colonial Life. We started on our work today. Yes, we are a week behind everyone else but hopefully we will catch up quickly.

First we read a chapter of Little House in the Big Woods.

And we read & discussed the first 2 lessons of Colonial Life.
Boo, Elvis & I took turns reading aloud.

At the advice of another mom in the Colonial Life co-op I ran off 3 copies of the text. This way the kids can read along with me & then take turns reading aloud. I like this a lot. I have my teacher's manual for all of our co-op work.

Bugs practiced printing both his first and last name today. He did an awesome job on both. I knew he could do his first name, though he does sometimes need to be reminded to go left to right (hard for a lefty), but our last name is tough. And long! I was so proud of him! He wrote it out twice with no mistakes or hesitation. Bravo, Bugs!

Elvis & Boo had a handwriting/copywork assignment.
It was a long one but they both did very well.

Princess was a good girl. She enjoyed her lunch while they finished up their copywork & handwriting assignments.

Bugs cleaned up Princess' toys for her.
I love tidy time!
Sweet Pea worked on her high school studies while I worked with the others.
The kids did a bit more work in the afternoon. I would certainly call today a success!


Rhonda said...

Great work going on at your house. I love seeing all of the new lessons going on at all of the homeschool blogs. We begin next week!

Julia said...

I love the Little House books. Laney really enjoys them too... we have used a few of them in our lessons.