Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Fingerpaint Fun

I had bought these Rose Art fingerpaint sets from Michael's awhile ago. We discovered them while unpacking some things from the shed & re-gifted them to the boys for Christmas. Hee, hee! I am such a saver! The weather has been awful here. So dreary & cold. I decided it was time to get these out & let the boys have some fun. First I started with Bugsy. After Elvis finished his chores he was allowed to join us. It was a great motivator, btw. =0)

At first Bugs was a little tentative. Normally he hates to get his hands or clothes dirty. But soon he was having a blast.

We decided to make Valentine's for his friends. He will give them out at our homeschool party this Thursday.

We used regular index cards, sponge stamps that came with the set & paints.

After he & I made all the Valentine's he wanted to fingerpaint. He surprised me with his enthusiasm to get dirty. I was glad to see him throw aside his usual need to wipe every drop of paint off his hands and have fun.

Elvis also surprised me. He was very careful with his designs.
Usually when it comes to crafts he does it quickly & not always as neat as he could.

This time he was very detail oriented. I loved seeing his different designs.

Valentine Central
(FYI~ In the middle are the beautiful flowers Davey gave me.
He knew I had a long week & gave them to me. Isn't he sweet?)
Getting dirty & having fun.

Carefully painting the teddy bear before he stamps.
I'll post pics of their finished projects soon!


Rhonda said...

No matter how old my girls are they love playing with paints. I think that making homemade Valentine's Day cards is a wonderful idea. Those flowers are so pretty. How sweet of your husband to give them to you just because. That is the best kind of flowers!

Heather the Mama Duk said...

Fun! Great job.