Thursday, February 11, 2010

Basketball & Boo Bear

Boo Bear played her first season of basketball this winter. She was eager to learn & I admired her courage at going out for a new sport. She learned a lot and had a very good coach. He taught the girls not only skills but good sportsmanship & teamwork. We saw a couple of teams that continually broke the rules and played dirty but her team never did that. They may not have won a lot of games but they played fairly and clean and that says a lot, I think.

Out there playing.

The boys entertained themselves with a Star Wars library book when it was Boo's turn to sit on the bench.

Daddy helps Princess practice her steps during a break.

Back on the court!

Waiting for award time.

Here is her trophy!
(I edited her name out of the pic.)

One last team cheer!

To celebrate they had a bouncy house & bouncy slide set up for all the kids.

There he goes!

Whoa! I'd say this is heels over head!

Elvis took a turn right after Bugs this time.


Hard to see but it's Elvis in the bouncy house.
He loved playing basketball in there.

Boo Bear spent most of her time in the bouncy house but took a couple of slides down here too. She had a great time hanging out with her teammates.

She is already looking forward to next season!