Tuesday, February 16, 2010

FYI & The Grumpies

Well, I was planning on blogging tonight about my new laptop & our field trip today. BUT I can't get my pics from Sweet Pea's memory card! Argh! I keep getting the error: "The filename, directory name or volume label syntax is incorrect". I have NO idea what this means and have spent the last few hours trying to figure it out. UGH! The only thing I can think of is that something is screwy b/c both Sweet Pea & I took pics using that card and using two different cameras. BUT I don't know what to do to resolve it. The computer takes my other memory card & the brand new one I opened tonight just fine. I give up. So no pics for now. =(

Tomorrow we have a field trip planned. We are heading down to Chattanooga! It's a little over 2 hours for us each way. That is if the weather cooperates. We are forecasted to get another 1-2 inches of snow overnight. My worry is that the slush from today will freeze as it's in the teens tonight. I'm so sick of this weather! Where is the TN sunshine & warm temps? Argh! Please pray for us if you think of it. We REALLY, REALLY want to go but also want safety above anything else. Dave will make a mini test run in the morning and then we will know more.

Sorry to be a grumpy gus tonight. I blame it on the weather & cabin fever. =0)


Heather the Mama Duk said...

Have fun!

Rhonda said...

I think that a few of us have those winter blahs. I am so tired of this nasty weather that we have been having. I hope that you and the family are able to to make the trip. I will be crossing my fingers that the weather holds out.