Sunday, November 29, 2009

Update on Wee One

I have had a few ask me how Wee One is doing. Sweet Pea believes the kitten is a she so I will refer to her as such. She is doing very well. After that first, very long night mama Tucker's mama instincts finally kicked in. Later the next morning she took over nursing & keeping Wee One warm. We were extremely relieved! Wee One opened her eyes the other day much to our excitement. She is growing well & has strong lungs. LOL! We can hear her calling for mama clear across the house. We are enjoying her very much.

This was taken the day before Thanksgiving.

Mama Tucker nuzzles Wee One while Sweet Pea holds her.

Look at that face!

Thank you for all your prayers!


Julia said...

Oh my gosh!! Sooooo cute! I'm glad she is doing well!

Rhonda said...

She is the cutest little thing. I am so happy that she has survived. Thanks so much for updating us about her.

MOMMY said...

I have been wondering about her, I am happy that she is doing well!