Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Bicentennial Park

Boy we've had some busy weeks! It's time once again to try to catch up in posts.

At the end of October we had back-to-back activity. One of the things we did was to go to the Bicentennial Capitol Mall Park. It was a beautiful park. We went there to attend the Tennessee History Festival. At the end of our visit we found a few more surprises.

The kids were instantly attracted to the fountains.

Elvis got his groove on.

My Loves

Loved the quotes

Mama & My 5 Chicks
A GIANT Map of Tennessee

Our Capital

There were these blocks representing the industries of TN.

The other side of the block.

Topography Map


These names caught my eye.

The kids put on a little show when they found this "stage".

A Train!
We watched it & waved thrilled to have it so close.
We were thrilled when the conductor waved back.

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Julia said...

That looks like a great day and lots of fun!