Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Hunting for Treasures

Everyone that knows me knows that I am a yard sale addict. I absolutely LOVE bargain hunting! A good yard sale can yield a ton of neat things and is like a fun treasure hunt. Plus of course it can save a ton of $$$ too! On Saturday Boo Bear, Sweet Pea, Princess & I set out to hunt for some gifts for Christmas. Boo was able to fill her list. Yay, Boo! I found a few little treasures but was getting doubtful about finding anything to really dance about. Then it happened. We went to one that was off our beaten path. I was so glad I did! It turned out not only did they have many things I was looking for but because we visited around noon they marked everything down to half price! I found my treasures-of-the-day at this sale! Whoot whoot!

I found these at the half price tag sale. I have been looking FOREVER for affordable prints for Princess' room. They were marked as $12 for the pair (a good buy in itself) but I got them for $6!

These were also at the half price tag sale. Also originally marked as $12 for the trio, (usually $10-$16 for each at Target), I got them for $6!!!! So all 5 prints for $12!!!! A steal or what?!?!?

This nice, big basket was $1.

A winter coat for Princess. Only $1.50!

These guys were 25 cents each.
I know I got more trains but they must be in another bag that is not pictured. These will be for the boys for Christmas.

These baby toys are for Princess at Christmas.
Total cost? $5!
Two of the toys are Lamaze toys too!

This & the prints were my BEST finds of the day. I have been looking for a dresser for Princess since before she was born. I found this in pristine condition. Half price sale made it $10!!!!! I was ecstatic!

The drawers were super clean & even lined!
The dresser & prints will be a part of Princess' Christmas gifts. It will be fun to decorate her room.

These will be Christmas presents too.
Trains for Bugsy & Bionicle & Tree Frog for Elvis

A little bug house for Bugsy.
Now he can join the big kids in their hunts!
In addition to the above I was able to find a couple of outfits for Princess for $2,
a few books for Sweet Pea at 25 cents each, a bag of stockings for Princess $2, a large bag of bottles & sippies for a $1, a Gap sweater for Elvis & a Fisher Price train set and tracks for only $4! I'm excited at these frugal finds! I am tucking most away for Christmas surprises. =0)


MOMMY said...

Hi! I can FINALLY leave a comment, for some reason I have not been able to. Anyway, LOVE your updates!!!! You found awesome deals, I would LOVE that dresser! Talk to you soon! I love reading your blog to see what you are up to, I miss you!


Rhonda said...

Oh wow! You found some awesome treasures! I love, love, love yard sales that have such wonderful items and at those great prices!