Monday, November 30, 2009

History Festival

Back at the end of October we attended the history festival in Nashville. It was amazing! They had people dressed up from all eras and they really knew their stuff. We had a great time talking & learning. What an awesome way to learn too! I love it when we can find hands on learning. This was so much better than reading it in a book.

His first treasure of the day.

Playing with old fashioned toys.

Civil War Camp

Bullets used in the Civil War

Wooden Canteen

Marble Egg
This was used to cool hands & foreheads.

Sweet Pea samples some cornbread.

Bathing Facilities

The different flags used in the war.


We learned about the history of each of these flags. For instance they only used this one a short time. The reason being when it was twisted in the wind it looked like a surrender flag. They didn't like that of course so they changed their flag design.

Love their sign!

On to World Wars I & II

Next we went looking for the Cherokee Indians Elvis had spotted earlier.
He was very interested in finding out all about them.

Elvis asked lots of questions. The man was very kind to him.

Then it was Bugsy's turn. He has been very concerned about tornadoes ever since our city was hit by one in April. He asked the man if he would shoot the tornado for him with his gun. The man was so kind. He agreed to do that for Bugsy & listened to all he had to say. Bugs had the biggest grin on his face.

Trying to solve the puzzle.

Princess being pushed by big brother.
Representing The French & Indian War

Going back in time to 1540

They were both from the same time period. I asked why their "uniforms" were different if they were fighting in the same "army". The reason was that each man bought his own equipment & clothes. The richer a man was the fancier his outfit would be.

Dave enjoyed a nice, long talk with this gentleman.

His tools
He showed us how he made an arrowhead.

This was super smooth & though you can't see it in the photo had gorgeous colors.

I was so busy talking to the Revolutionary solider that I forgot to take his photo. He was chock full of facinating information!

This real life Cherokee couple were hands down the highlight of our trip.
I think we spent 20-30 minutes talking to & learning from them.

Demonstrating how to hunt for small game.

Tasting some turkey she cooked over the fire.

Explaining a popular game the Cherokees play.

Bugsy questions this man as he works on a deer hide.

The kids loved the turkey wing fan.

Making lye soap

What an amazing learning experience!


Rhonda said...

Now that looked like one awesome festival! Thank you so much for sharing.

Alison said... That looked awesome!

MOMMY said...

Amazing! I wish that we had something like that, I agree it does seem like a great way to learn!!! I know I learn better hands on!