Saturday, November 7, 2009


This past week Princess had her first taste of food. Up until now she has been nursed & supplemented with formula. I had been waiting to give her food because she was doing fine without it. Since her appetite has increased we decided to start giving her food. I waited until we had a night when we were all home. It was harder than I thought to find one with all our soccer practices, make up games, AWANA, etc. We finally found one so the whole family could watch Princess reach another milestone. I let Daddy do the honors while I took video tape & Boo took pics.

Princess is excited to begin!

Hmmm......what's this?

She wasn't too sure at first.

Still testing it out.....

......& mulling it over.

What will she do?

Yes! It's a winner!

Princess tries to grab the spoon.
Daddy isn't fast enough in her opinion. LOL!


Back off these are MY bananas!

Awww.......sure Mommy I'll share.

She kept us entertained. If Daddy took too long in between bites she brought him to attention by banging her spoon, (we gave her an extra one to hold), on her high chair. She loved having an audience & was quite the entertainer. A fun milestone to share!


Rhonda said...

YAY! Congratulations Princess on such a wonderful milestone. Love those faces!

Julia said...

So cute! She looks like she really enjoyed it!