Sunday, April 1, 2012

Our Indoor Greenhouse

Thanks to a friend of mine we found this neat little greenhouse for only $20. It fits perfectly in our upstairs bathroom in front of the window. This house doesn't have as many sunny spots as our MA house did so the bathroom it is! We started some seeds indoors to get a jump on the garden.

The greenhouse.

Sprouts growing from my newspaper planters.

Squash & pumpkins!

We used flats from Aldi that we brought groceries home in. The planters are made from newspaper. Recycle! Recycle!

Reaching for the sunlight!

A newspaper planter ready for some new seeds!

The inside filled with soil.
I'll post soon on how I made the newspaper planters.

These photos were taken last week. The plants have already grown even taller! We are having such fun watching them grow.


Mama Teaching 3 said...

I love your little green house.

~Jenn~ said...

I still can't get over the fact that your bathroom is big enough for a greenhouse! Who ever your friend was that found that greenhouse should get free veggies all summer =)