Monday, April 23, 2012

Super Science

Mr. Rich teaches this class.  In March he taught about Simple Machines.

 Mr. Rich explains force & motion.

 Bugsy starts to build his catapult.

 It all comes together & Bugsy is totally into it.  I love his expression!

 Boys vs. Girls

Mr. Rich explains how to fire the catapult.

 And the War of the Marshmallows begins!

Bugsy fires!

 Bugsy's catapult

 Next they learned about kinetic energy & potential energy.

 To illustrate these forms of energy Mr. Rich had the kids race these rubber band wind up cars.

It was Bugsy's turn.  Off it goes!

 Mr. Rich explains one more example of a Simple Machine.

 The kids took turns screwing & unscrewing the screws in the chairs.

As promised at the end of class Mr. Rich shared the leftover marshmallows with the children.

Bugsy even came over and shared some with me.  Wasn't that sweet?

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~Jenn~ said...

Every time I try to post it kicks me off! So lets try this one more time! I am so glad that your class is interesting. I LOVE the hands on approach and any teacher that wears wild colors get 2 thumbs up!