Thursday, March 29, 2012

Planting, Playing & Plugging Along

Spring has arrived! It actually has felt more like summer. But rest assured I am NOT complaining! We are enjoying planting seeds, playing & studying outdoors. The sunshine feels wonderful!

Today I planted some of my outdoor planters. Princess helped to weed this big one.

What is that?

Big sister & little sister work side-by-side.

Bugsy drew his wish for his seeds.

My little helper.

My spring surprise flowers, a pot of Sweet Basil & a pot of Parsley.

Sky(Walker) enjoys the sunshine too.

Sweet Pea continues to study hard.

The boys are deep in negotiations.

My pots of Cilantro, Sweet Basil & Chives.

Pretty. I love that it returns every year.

They boys planted sunflower seeds in their pots.

My Parsley has returned!

Bugs was learning spelling & doing handwriting without even realizing it. And by his own choice too!

What a beautiful day to be working & learning outside.

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~Jenn~ said...

What an excellent day! I love everything about it, specially those moments when memories are being made. You make me want to get my groove on and get outside this week in my garden. Still a bit chilly here in the midwest.