Monday, May 16, 2011

Rewards & Consequences: Day 1

Our new rewards & consequences system went into full swing this morning. I tried to start it last week but too many things got in the way. The kids were excited about the various rewards they can earn. I'm hoping this will last for awhile being that there is variety & lots of anticipation.
Bugsy was the first to be "caught" being good. He was proud to draw from the "Caught Ya!" jar.

Elvis worked hard on his schoolwork. No having to chase him down today!

Boo was right on the ball. She sat down to catch up in her spelling book & got her chores done lickity split!

Bugsy's reward? He drew 15 min. of computer time!

Elvis was the second to earn a chance at the jar. Here he is drawing his reward. No peeking allowed!

He read the paper & then did a little happy dance. His reward was 1 McDonald's point.

Our station is all set up. We have our "Caught Ya!" jars with the rewards inside. In the middle of those is the "Extra Chore" jar with chore sticks. In the tissue box are the yellow & red consequence cards neatly stored in a Ziplock bag. Included in the tissue box is one envelope for each child. This is where they can store their rewards until they are used. For instance, if they earn the privilege to stay up late it's there to remind us. They can store up their reward points for various prizes as well. For example Elvis earned 1 McDonald's point. He needs to earn 9 more & then he will get a trip to McDonald's for a treat off the Dollar Menu.

Boo earned a draw from the girl's "Caught Ya!" jar too. She earned a Dollar Tree point. She will store this in her envelope while she saves up her points. Sweet Pea earned one too. Hers was computer time. There was only one consequence card given today. It was a yellow card & was accepted without a fuss. I'm happy because the rewards have far outweighed the consequences.


Rhonda said...

Looks like this is really working out for everyone. I love the no peeking photo.

Alison said...

ok can u email me some more details about this please??

Kristine said...

Sure, Alison! =)

Mama Teaching 3 said...

Nice! Keep us updated as you tweek it!