Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Fun Experiments

When Mom & Nana were visiting the boys wanted to do their science experiments with them. I bought them these for Christmas at the Dollar Tree. My Mom has been a science teacher forever so it was extra fun to do these with her.

This one was Elvis'.

This one was Bugsy's.

We followed the directions & then waited for them to grow. See how tiny they started out?

Elvis was super excited!

Marbles growing.

Crystals growing.

Boy did it make a lot! I can testify that the box was correct in saying these things do indeed bounce. I accidentally dropped most of them trying to transport them. They were all over the place! Lol!


They were HUGE!

After a couple hours Elvis decided to experiment again. He added the grown crystals in the jar with even more water. His guess what that they would continue to grow. He was absolutely correct!

These experiments were lots of fun. We are looking forward to doing more soon.

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Mama Teaching 3 said...

Very neat! I bought the snow and tree ones for the boys. We haven't done them yet. They didn't have the marble and crystal ones here. Those are neat.