Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Yes, I Know........

.....what you're thinking. MORE kittens? Yep. Sassy snuck out and the roaming neighborhood tomcat found her. Thankfully this will be the last batch for us. Tinkerbelle, Tucker & Luci have all been spayed in the last month. Luci was actually taken in today. Sassy will have her turn as soon as the kittens are weaned. Even though I'm a bit stressed at the thought of trying to find homes for these kittens I have to admit they sure are cute. If we lived on a farm or even an acre or so I'd keep them in a heartbeat.
Snuggled together.

I'm thrilled that we have one that looks just like Sassy.
I adore calicos!

This one looks like daddy.

See the little cord?

Nursing time!

Proud Mama!


Rhonda said...

They are adorable! I just love kittens and would swipe one right up if we lived closer.

Mama Teaching 2 said...

They are the sweetest!