Saturday, April 24, 2010

Riding Out the Storms

We are under a Tornado Watch right now as I type. From all reports we could be in for a doozy of a storm. The weather people are almost certain that we will have a tornado form. We are taking this very seriously. I think all of our city is especially after last year we had one strike our town killing a woman & her 9 week old baby. The touchdown was only a few miles from our home. Very scary. Our weather radio went off a few seconds ago and boy it startled me! It is restating that we have a Tornado Watch.

We have been prepped since last night. Since we had been informed of this severe weather since Thursday we made certain to be ready. We have a flashlight, snacks, water, blankets, backpacks for each child filled with things to do (last year we were stuck in the bathroom for almost 2 hours), a first aid kit, pillows, special treasures, diapers, etc. all set in our safety room. The cell phone is charged & the radio has batteries in case we lose power. And we are praying!
Our bathroom aka 'Safety Spot' is prepped & ready.
Per suggestion of the weatherman Elvis got his bike helmet & put it on.

To pass the time we are all waiting out the watch in the living room. It is only a few feet away from our 'Safety Spot' & we all feel better being together.

The boys are playing board games together.

Dave & Princess are napping. (Yes, I'm jealous.)

Boo Bear is playing FarmVille.

And Sweet Pea is writing letters.

In the middle of all the chaos Princess' new carseat was delivered!
I'm very impressed as I only ordered it Thursday. Applause for you, Walmart!


Rhonda said...

Oh hon, please keep us informed as much as possible. I am sending prayers your way and hoping that all of you will be safe. Something like this is so scary. We have faced many hurricanes where I live.

I didn't have an e-mail address so I am gonna let you know in my comment. The crawfish boils that we have are seasoned with lots and lots of spices. It is just delicious. Here in the South you can buy special seasoning packets just for crawfish, crab and shrimp boils.

Kristine said...

Rhonda, thank you so much for your prayers & caring words. I love you for them!
Thanks for the info. about the boil. I'm going to look in our stores for those packets. My mouth is watering just thinking about it! =0)

Julia said...

Oh, how scary! I hope you all made it through without too much stress.