Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Local Fun

The day before Easter we were supposed to have our first round of soccer games. But it rained. All 4 games were canceled. To say we had some very disappointed children is an understatement. By noon the skies dried up and we had a gorgeous day. The kids were restless. I scoured the local newspaper and found an Easter egg hunt that hadn't been canceled due to the mornings rain. It was at a church about 5 minutes away and FREE. Wow!

All dressed up for soccer

This is on my my new favorites.

Bugs' expression makes me giggle.

Fun on the inflatables.

Waiting in line & snacking on popcorn.

Face painting!

Princess loved the ice from the snow cones.

Easter egg hunt! First were the 0-2 year olds.

Next were the 3's & 4's! Bugs was super excited!

He ran all over the place!

Happy boy!

And then the big kids! Grades K-2!
And there they go!
Then the final group went and they were grades 3-5.

Boo & Elvis cleaned up! Lol!

Everyone loves the Easter Bunny.

Mommy even won a treat! A family pass to the Discovery Center AND the grand prize! A $30 gift card to Walmart! Whoot! Whoot!

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Rhonda said...

Sounds like lots of fun! I love the face paintings. Wow! You won some really great prizes. Nice!