Sunday, April 18, 2010

Homeschool Hunt

Recently we started joining a local homeschool group for field trips. We have had a great time. One of the things they did was the Friday before Easter we had an egg hunt & picnic. We all donated candy & eggs for the hunt. We met at a local church and it was a beautiful day for it. Boy it felt like summer! The kids were all antsy to start. When they did it was fun to watch! Their enthusiasm was contagious!

Princess is pretty in all pink.

The older kids all lined up on one side of the field.

And the younger ones lined up on the other side.

Bugs ran everywhere!

I was puzzled as to why he would run, pick up an egg, skip several, and then run way off to another. It then dawned on me that he was selecting on the blue eggs! His favorite color! LOL!

The big kids were waaaay off across the field so my pics are from a distance.

There are the girls running for eggs.

A very happy bunch.

What tastes better than chocolate? Why, toes of course!


The kids all found many eggs & came home with plenty of candy. They each found a number in their stash of eggs which allowed them to claim a prize. What a happy, sugared-up bunch!


Rhonda said...

It looks like such a beautiful day for an egg hunt! Happy to hear that the kids had such a good time. Princess chewing on her toes just had me laughing. So cute!

Julia said...

That looks so fun! Princess is just too cute ♥