Wednesday, January 14, 2015


The local schools had a snow day.  Not here at Hidden Treasures Christian Academy.  We like to work on the yucky weather days.  Then we are free for either an early summer vacation or a day off when the weather is beautiful.
We had a lot of fun and accomplished a lot today.  I am very pleased!   When you have a great day you celebrate!  
 Elvis constructing his catapult.  Thanks again, Aime!

 Working together.

 Faith joins the fun.

 Princess was introduced to Reading Eggs.  (Free trial.)

 It's a hit!

 Snuggly kitty.

 Still working hard.

 The boys decided to make gingerbread as part of their Middle Ages study.

 Next on the list was reading our chapter in Flying Creatures.  He likes us to read together.

 He wasn't pleased with the part about the maggots.  Lol.

 A new, funny bug game.

 They drew parts of their bug according to what numbers they rolled with the dice.

 Boo joined us for a round.

Last but not least was literature.  The boys each were assigned a new book to read.  Bugs is reading "The Mouse and the Motorcycle" and Elvis is reading "A Wrinkle in Time".  Both have literature studies that accompany their books.

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