Monday, January 5, 2015


Some of you may remember when Dave made these cubbies. I've used them for Princess's school & fun stuff. The past several months, (okay more like a year), the same items have been in them.  My original ideas of changing them up every week were pushed to the side while life happened.  Today that all changed.  Hooray!  In my quest to get organized & start the year fresh I tackled these cubbies this morning.  They are no longer calling my name in jest reminding me of my failure.  Today, (at least), they are a success.  

 The bins have all been cleaned out, organized and several hold "new" items.

 Math cubby

 Crafts with Mama or older sibling

 Sewing cards & beads
 ( I thought she might be too old for these but she played with them for almost an hour.)

 Indoor hopscotch puzzle.

After she was finished with her handwriting assignment she immediately went to her cubbies.  She put together puzzles, played with these bears & worked on her sewing cards.  SUCCESS!

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