Wednesday, March 13, 2013


Tonight Dave & his assistant, Elvis embarked on their first project together. A cold frame! Elvis was very happy to help his Dad.

Two of my favorite guys.

Elvis measures the wood for cutting.

One more!

Posing with the lumber that they bought at Lowe's last night.  They used some new & some scrap that we already had in the pile.

Daddy taught him how to use the drill for the first time.

This time he used it by himself.  Daddy was right by his side.

Our boy is really growing up!

They took a break for supper & then went back outside.  By that time it was dark so they used the light from the shed.

The first cold frame is completed!

Such a silly boy! Hee, hee! =0)

Aren't they looking proud!  Great job, guys!

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