Friday, March 8, 2013


The planting has officially begun! It was a bit chilly but the kids & I worked outside for over 2 hours today. I planted seeds to start indoors and Sweet Pea & Elvis started the hard work of cleaning out the raised beds. I can hardly wait to plant outdoors too! 
Dave & I were out shopping last night & bought the cups at the Dollar Tree.  The boxes came from one of our Aldi shopping trips.  Free for the taking!  The soil is from Lowe's, of course.  =0)


Thyme, basil, parsley.  Only a few of the herbs I will plant this year.

I got this idea from Pinterest.  I cut open the milk jugs and am using them as miniature greenhouses.  So far I have 4 planted and plan to have more as I get more milk jugs.  Thank you, Tiffany for giving me 2!  =)

The whole set up.  Well, minus the plastic covering.  I need to put that on tomorrow. 
 Stay tuned for more pics & updates as we watch our garden grow.  =0)

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