Wednesday, April 17, 2013


Wow! It's been awhile since I posted last. Drat that Facebook! =) Lol. 

I wanted to share how our cold frames are doing.  I planted a day or 2 after they were constructed.  Onions, lettuce & flower seeds.  My lettuce is doing great, my onions are iffy and the flowers are coming along.   
Cold Frame #1 = Onions & lettuce.  Some have sprouted, some have not.

This lettuce is doing fantastic!  I can almost taste it!

Tiny sprouting onions & lettuce.

All but one are coming along.

I'm not sure why only one side of the pot is sprouting.  

A wee more in this one but still growing mostly in one area.

This is the start of my new herb garden. It is on the back side of the house.   I'm very excited about this project!

I hope it comes out as I have it pictured in my mind.

Some of my Morning Glory seeds from last year's plants are sprouting in the raised beds.

They are everywhere!

My little water girl.

My lilies are coming back up!

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