Monday, October 17, 2011


We have been fortunate that in our 4 seasons with One Goal the kids have always had great coaches. This year we were blessed again. Don Bartch was the head coach for both Boo Bear's & Elvis' teams. He is a great combination of expecting the best from his players but able to laugh at mistakes and not take it too seriously. He has a great sense of humor and is always coming up with one liners as he coaches. He was Boo Bear's coach her first season & we were very happy to see him again.

Elvis' assistant coach was great too. Coach Linebarger really encouraged the boys to play as a team & do their best. He was always encouraging the boys no matter if they won or lost. He always took pride in them.

Bugsy loved his coach so much he stated that he would like to go live at his house! Coach Keith was full of energy, humor & encouragement. One thing he did that was new to us was to give out patches to the players. He would find different things to praise them for & award them a patch for it. They earned a patch when they recited their weekly Bible verse as well.

Coach Shannon is a very kind man. He is on the quiet side and so good with all the kids. He would always get down to their level to help them out or give them an encouraging word.

This is Boo's assistant coach. Coach Todd was always there for the girls cheering them on & building their self esteem. He never had a harsh word and was always smiling. He and Coach Don were a fantastic team.

Here is Coach Don again. He is great at building his players skills and teaching them to play as a team. There are no favorites or hot shots on his team. He is kind & encouraging to everyone. I love watching him coach especially when there is an exciting play. He jumps up and down on the sidelines cheering them on taking pride in his players.

Thank you, Coaches for another fantastic season! And thank you for sharing your talents, your love for the game, your love for kids & most of all your love for our Lord!

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Rhonda said...

Awww I am sure that you just made these coaches day by appreciating them the way that you all do. So sweet.