Monday, October 17, 2011

Celebration Night

How can the soccer season be over already? It seems like it just started. Time certainly does fly faster than I like. Tonight was the end of the season Celebration Night. One Goal always does a fantastic program and tonight was no different. There were giveaways, a PowerPoint slide show, freebies, a video, trophies, and most important a message of salvation. The kids love this night & I think it's very special that One Goal puts all the work into making this happen. We are beyond pleased with them & have enjoyed every season we've participated.

He was the first to arrive from his team. He even beat the coaches! Lol! It helps that we live so close to the church were it was hosted. =0)
I waited with him until others arrived. They all sit together in rows with their teams making the night extra special.

At the end of the program the coaches passed out the trophies. Bugs is such a ham.

Coach Keith, Bugs & his teammates.

Elvis was back a few rows sitting with his team. Boo was sitting a row in back of Elvis with her team.

The board with all the team names. This shows everyone where they are sitting. Yes! There are A LOT of teams! I think Clark, the director, said there were over 600 children playing this season.

Pleased as punch!

Our three soccer players.
They are all champions in my book!

Our kids all gave their coaches homemade cards & a Hershey bar to say thank you. They each had 2 coaches and every one of them were fantastic with the kids.

See you in the spring, One Goal!

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