Saturday, July 2, 2011

New for School!

Today our family was getting ready to head out to Goodwill. Right before we left I decided to take a quick glance at Craigslist & scroll through the yard sale list. One immediately caught my eye. She had a long list of learning items! It turns out she is a school teacher & had cleaned out her classroom of things she didn't need anymore. I was happy to help her out. Lol!

Front of kit ~ BRAND NEW, never opened
Back of kit
This will be perfect for Bugsy this year!

We can use these for so many projects, adventures & experiments!

How cool to have one for each child & Mama too!
(Of course some for back up are always welcome!)

Perfect for Boo Bear's studies this year.

Princess already loves these.


I'm looking forward to seeing what silly sentences he comes up with.

The flash blocked it out but it says, "Rhymes with pan". You flip up the flap & not only does it say "fan" but has a list of several additional rhyming words too.

Blank world maps.

A calendar for Bugsy & eventually Princess. It also has two additional posters of the calendar set up. I may use these for assignment or activity calendars. Hmmmm.........

Bingo chips. I can use them for Bingo, math, reading or even other games.

I've been looking for some quick, easy crafts & these are perfect!

Here they are out of the bag.

Elvis found 3 bags of play marbles. I bought one for him.

As we walked back to the car I realized I had better get one for Bugsy too! He wasn't with us and was happy & surprised with his gift!

I'll post my Goodwill finds soon!


Rhonda said...

Those are some great finds! WOW!

Mama Teaching 3 said...

What an awesome sale you came upon!!! I am impressed.