Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Snow Candy aka Sugar on Snow

It did indeed snow! We received 5 inches! That is a lot of snow for us. Our containers were overflowing with snow. It was a wet snow too which was perfect for playing in. But more on that later.

All of our containers.

That evening I made our treat. The kids were excited to see what I was up to.

I took what pure maple syrup we had left in the bottle & poured it into a sauce pan. Then I let it heat up & continually stirred it to keep it from burning. It smelled delicious!

I experimented a bit but had to boil it longer before it really worked to make candy.

While I was boiling the syrup the kids ran outside to fill their bowls up with snow we had collected the night before.

Here I spooned a little in Boo's bowl to experiment. It was ready!

Princess' bowl.
The syrup was cooled by the snow & it turned into candy! The longer it sat in the snow the harder it became.

Some of it hardened into neat shapes.

The thicker blobs made a taffy like candy. Oh so yummy!

Princess is enjoying a larger piece.

The Snow Candy was a HUGE hit! It reminded us of the maple candies we used to buy at the apple orchard back in Mass. We will definitely be making this treat again!
BTW, this was a treat that Laura Ingalls talked about in her book, "Little House in the Big Woods". We read this in our Prairie Primer studies this fall & studied a little about Maple trees & syrup making.


Julia said...

Oh, how fun!! I have always wanted to try this!

Retro said...

That's really neat! I wish I'd read this before the snow all melted away!!

Rhonda said...

We rarely get snow, but if we ever do this is something that I would love to try. YUM!