Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Hitting the Books

Vacation is over & it's back to the books. We're hitting them hard as we want to be able to have flexibility to enjoy the spring weather when it returns. We would like to be able to get out as early as possible too! So as the snow covers the ground & the cold weather keeps us huddled in layers we are studying hard.

Princess plays with some of her new toys (and some old) in her corner of the living room.

Bugsy works hard at his math. He is learning to write addition & subtraction problems in different number sentences. It really makes him think & stretches his mind beyond memorization of the facts.

The Learning Corners went back up.

Boo's still isn't finished but she wanted to use it anyway. =0)

Sweet Pea choose to study in her room snuggled in blankets. Sky is there to soak up learning too.

Working hard!

Next Bugs moves on to some coloring time while watching "Between the Lions". He really soaks up a lot from these PBS shows!

Princess had more interest in throwing crayons than she did in coloring. Lol!

He has recently started to enjoy coloring. Yay!

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Rhonda said...

Looks like some great learning going on. I am with Sweet Pea on staying under the blankets. It has just been downright cold and dreary here.