Saturday, January 22, 2011

The Birth of Impressionism

We were off to Nashville! The girls & I went into the city yesterday to see the Impressionism exhibit. It was amazing! I was a bit nervous about finding it & finding parking as I am by no means a city driver. Thank God for the GPS!

Walking up the hill from the parking lot.

Here it is!

We weren't allowed to take photos inside so we took a few before going in.

After walking through the exhibit for almost 2 hours we were full of new knowledge & appreciation.
Upon discovering that there was an upstairs we decided to investigate. There was an exhibit of photographs & an area for hands on fun & discovery.

The girls set to work making print art.
First they drew a design on plain paper. After that was done they took a tool & traced their designs onto a piece of foam.

Rolling paint over the foam print.

Crank it through the press!

Her turn!

I forgot to take a picture of their final prints. I will add that later.

Boo wanted to try out the digital film making. You were able to set up 20 scenes. After you set up each one you took a picture. The button for it is right there on the box. You could then choose whether to keep the photo or delete it.

Setting up another scene.
After you had all 20 photos taken you pressed another button & it all came together in a mini movie. We got a huge kick out of Boo's movie!
We took a quick tour through the photography exhibit & then headed out. Parking was adding up fast!

Once outside I saw this beautiful building. I had to take a moment to get a snapshot.

I'm not sure if it was a church but it reminded me of one. One day I'd love to take a trip & photograph churches all around the country.

On a warm day this would be a perfect spot to dine.

The girls indulged me with this photo. LOL!

The view of the building from the parking lot.

Payment for parking had to be made to a machine. It was acting up but we finally managed to get it to take our money. It gave us our change in dollar coins. We were all kind of fascinated with them.

The fire was lit! Boo spent the rest of the afternoon pouring over art books. I picked these up back in MA at a library book sale. I miss those!
P.S. After seeing some of the same paintings in our books we realized the photos don't even come close to seeing them in person. I had guessed but it was amazing to see what a huge difference it was!

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