Monday, May 10, 2010

Nature Walk

Back in late April we went for a walk on the nature trails with some of our friends from homeschool co-op. It was a beautiful day and quite hot in the high 80's. We walked for several miles round trip. The kids enjoyed trying to spot birds, (though our group was quite noisy-LOL!), nests & other bits of nature.

While everyone went down to the creek Princess & I stayed put. It was a steep hill and I was too tired to try to push the stroller down and especially not back up.

She loves to clap & cheer! I think she's adorable!

The kids played down in the creek and had a blast.

They took a LONG time so I laid down on the bench & took some shots looking up.

Princess kept watching me trying to figure out what I was doing. LOL!

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Julia said...

Gorgeous pictures!