Saturday, October 24, 2009

Growing Up

Our Little Boy

My little boy turned 4! How did this happen? This is my sweet baby boy who filled my arms & comforted me when I lost our little Rose in a miscarriage. I will never forget how relieved we were when he arrived safely into the world. We had held our breath for over 9 months almost afraid to hope that he would be born safe & healthy. Dave, Sweet Pea, Boo Bear, Elvis & I all rejoiced when we brought him home. He has added so much to our family & we praise God for him.
Here are his birthday pics!

Pizza was his dinner of choice.

He wanted me to take a picture of Thomas & James.


Boo gave them all party hats. Lol!

A dinosaur from his big brother.

Reusable Thomas stickers & scene.

He has been wanting this since July!

Daddy & Princess watch.

Cool car! It changes colors too!

Another Thomas train!

DC 100 engine!

A new DVD too! He loves Thomas the Tank Engine!

Star Scream! Yay!

Now it's time to play with all Bugs' new toys.

His birthday cake....Thomas the Tank Engine of course. =0)

A big ol' bite of ice cream cake.

Elvis likes it too.

Everyone agreed that Dairy Queen makes a very good cake!

Not sure what he's thinking but loved his expression. Lol.

Elvis told Bugs he had one more present for him. Then he got up from the table and gave Bugs a giant hug. My heart melted right there on the spot

So good!

See what blue icing does?

After cake it was time to try out the new trains & other toys.


Alison said...

amazing how time flies.. they were just wee babe's when we met and now they are both big 4 year olds!

Kristine said...

Wow! That's right. We met right before their first birthdays I think. They have grown up so fast!

Anonymous said...

Where did my cute little brother go? It went by so fast! S.P.