Friday, October 17, 2008

We're Here!

Can you believe it's almost been an entire week since I blogged? I didn't have Internet access on the road. And to be truthful I was too tired by the time we got done driving every day. We drove every day about 5-6 hours except for Tuesday when we had a short 3 hour trip to the in-laws. I had trouble staying awake two of those days and one time had to pull off at a rest stop and take a nap to get through. I'm relieved the driving is over!

We are now safely in Nashville. We are staying in a lovely suite. Casey, our oldest cat lives in the downstairs bathroom (she doesn't like the other cats plus is very ticked at us for the long trip) & the other cats are roaming free in the suite. It has 2 stories and is very roomy. What a blessing! There is also breakfast included daily which helps with the budget. We'll be here until we see if the house we like will work out. Long story I hope to share with you soon.

Now I'm off to drag all the dirty laundry off to the coin operated laundromat here at the hotel. I don't dare venture into the big city of Nashville on my own, , and am very thankful they have laundry facilities here!

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MOMMY said...

I am so glad to hear from you! I have checked a few times to see if you popped in. Glad to hear that you are all there safe and sound. What do the kids think of the area? I am sure that they are excited-how nice a 2 story suite! What a treat!!!!!

Take care and I can't wait to hear all about things.