Saturday, October 18, 2008


I'm very relieved it is Saturday. Sick In Bed I have come down with the kids' terrible head cold and am miserable. I guess it was bound to happen after being in a closed van for a week with coughing kids & having one cough directly in my face every night as we tried to sleep. That's motherhood. *small smile* It's tough trying to figure out what little I can take for medication & relief for my very swollen glands, stuffy head & cough. Dave is here & that is why I'm so relieved. Getting a break while under the weather is something I need right now and have missed greatly these past 4 months. Thank God it's the weekend & he is home for 2 days!

Count Down We are counting down the days until we move into our rental house. It will be the same house we intend on buying at the end of the month. It will be great to not have to watch every bump the kids make, (we are on the 2nd story right now & have neighbors below), or every time they raise their voices. I don't know about your kids but ours are quite active and it's not been an easy thing for them to remember not to jump around or talk loudly. =) We try to take them out when we can but being in the city there isn't a yard to run in like at home. I'm sure the neighbors will know the moment we arrive at our new home. LOL! In the meantime I am grateful for the room we have in this suite. It is nice not to bump into each other every other moment and to have room for our travel things. We even have 2 bathrooms, a stove, microwave, full frig & dishwasher. The breakfasts are amazing too! As Dave commented this morning, "What a spread!" Hee, hee. The boys love the "endless" supply of yogurt.

PJs I hope to get some pics on here soon once I am feeling up to sitting at the computer for a longer period. For now I'm going to get some rest while Dave is attending to the children. Thank God for hands-on husbands!

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