Thursday, October 2, 2008

Sweet Little Kittens

On Monday before Dave left we tried to transfer the kittens to a cozy basket. We thought they'd be safer there especially with the movers coming soon. TInkerbelle was not happy with this arrangement and quickly moved 2 of her kittens back with her under the bed. I had to bring the last 2 to her b/c she wouldn't come out for them. She was calling for them but she was too far away for them to find her. I was afraid they would get lost under my bed with all the junk under there so with Sweet Pea's help I lifted the mattress & box spring and set her 2 babies down with her. We will leave them there until Tuesday when the movers come & then we'll put them in a crate with Tinkerbelle. I'm so afraid they will get stepped on or smashed if we don't.

I did get some cute photos while they were out. Oh they are precious!

All snuggled together while Mama takes a food & water break.

I couldn't help but cuddle them for a second or two when Dave handed them to me to be put in the basket.

Look at those precious faces!

One big pile of siblings.

We allowed the kids to come in to get a closer look. Tinkerbelle watched us but didn't seem to mind. No one was allowed to touch them. We'll wait until they are older b/f the kids can hold them or pet them.


Two Sweet Furry Faces

Now That's Contentment

Tinkerbelle peeks in & takes them back "home".

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