Thursday, September 26, 2013


We started our Apologia Human Anatomy studies last week.  Today was our day for a couple of experiments.  Tonight we will do two more.  I love the flexibility of homeschooling. 
 The first step:  The boys each got an egg.  (Yes, they were in silly moods this afternoon.)

 Bugs put his in an empty container.  The container represented the skull, the egg the brain.

 Elvis put his in a sealed container.  However his had his egg AND was filled with water.
The container = the skull, the egg = the brain, the water = the fluid in our brain

 Here they are ready to be sealed.

 Bugs took his turn first.  He ran around the yard twice shaking his sealed container with the egg in it.  I instructed him to shake it as hard as he could while running.

 Did you guess this would happen?  Yes, we did too. 

 Then it was Elvis' turn to run around the yard twice shaking his container as hard as possible.  Remember his has the water in addition to the egg.

 He was disappointed that his didn't break.  It didn't even crack.  Lol. 
We talked about how God designed our bodies so amazingly.  He thought of everything!

 Safe & Sound...........Scrambled

 Our second lesson was learning how important our skeleton is and how our bodies would be without it.

 We made ourselves out of Play-doh.

 This is mine.
 Bugs with his little green guy.

 Elvis with his little guy. He even has a baseball cap.
We then squished and squashed them to demonstrate what we would be like without our bones.  Being boys they pounded theirs.  I think they got the jest of the lesson.

We finished up by recording our findings in our notebooking journals.  Tonight we will make our edible cell and do an experiment with apples.  Science rocks!

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