Wednesday, February 20, 2013


 Getting down to work with their writing assignment about acronyms.

 Sky does a great job holding up the white board.

 His acronym for Skywalker (his cat).  The boys were allowed to choose.

 Bugs chose Sassy, his cat.

Reading his aloud to us. 

 Our next lesson was creating 'Scribble Stories'.  They closed their eyes and let their pencil roam over their paper.

 Then whatever they had drawn they made into a picture.  It was a great way to use their imaginations!  

 Next they wrote a 4 to 5 sentence story about their scribble art pictures.  We emphasized on answering the questions, "Who, what, where, when & why" in their writing.

We had a fun time writing together!  I love this program!

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