Monday, February 11, 2013


Dave took the oldest 4 to Winter Jam. This meant that Princess & I had the afternoon & evening together. Mama & Princess time. I decided to make it extra special & do some fun things together. First we went to the Discovery Center. Princess went everywhere! They have a new traveling exhibit and it was fun exploring it. Next we did some shopping at the Dollar Tree. We finished up our evening with Papa John's pizza, Oreos & Tinkerbell movies. I love making memories with my little Monkey. 

Playing at the Discovery Center.

Up in the tree!

The new exhibit is all about healthy living.  Here she is planting in the garden.

Up in the tree house!

She really liked the apple tree.

She kept saying, "TA-DAH!"

 Come on, Mommy!  Let's play!
Once she found the big kitchen she spent the rest of her time there.

Cooking up some yummy treats.

I wish my kitchen was this cool!  Lol.

She is putting things in the blender.

Time to add milk, Mommy!

Her creation is ready.

She pours it into the baby bottle.

She said to me, "Baby Goo-Goo wants her bottle".  That name cracks me up every time.

She thought this giant book was pretty neat.

The pages were almost as big as she is.

She finished up our visit with a trip down the slide.

After the Dollar Tree we made a stop at Papa John's for pizza.  She enjoyed watching them make the pizzas. One of the workers put on a show for us throwing the dough into the air & spinning it.   We watched Tinkerbell movies & cuddled after our supper & dessert.  Princess & I both fell asleep within an hour of each other.  It was a great time and we made many memories together.

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