Wednesday, July 18, 2012


It must be said. Our family loves books. Fiction, non-fiction, classics, history, science, mystery, thrillers, biographies,just to name a few. The library has always been one of our favorite destinations. 

Elvis devouring a science book after a trip to the library.

And no, he wasn't made to read.  
He simply loves soaking in information.
Princess has started to enjoy looking at books on her own this year.

Elvis filled up his reading list for the library prize in only 2 days.
Already looking for another book to read.

More science!

Sweet Pea takes a trip to Ancient Greece.

Bugsy was really into this book.  He kept stopping & sharing what he was reading about.  Love that enthusiasm!

All snuggled up and ready for a good book.

Boo couldn't put her book down!

Nice & cozy.

Daddy & Princess

Writing another book on his library book club list.

Yep, she is in another world.

Caps for sale!

Even Josie & Sky(walker) were enjoying the books.  Lol.

I can't think of a better way to spend an afternoon than all cozy with your family & a stack of good books. 

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