Saturday, July 21, 2012


After a relaxing morning of the boys & Daddy fishing and the girls and I relaxing at home we decided to visit a local Thrift Store. I hadn't been in awhile and have been needing some new tops. As we approached the door I happily read a sign posted that said, "Everything in the store 50% off". Score! I called Dave & soon he and the boys joined us. We shopped for over 2 hours! Here are a few, and I mean only a few, of our bargains.
 I was really excited to find this gem!  It retails for $19.00-$25.00  I got it for 73 cents!  This is the same publisher and series Sweet Pea used for writing last year.  She did very well with it and enjoyed it a lot.

What a great game!  I remember playing this at my Nana's house.  38 cents!
This was an excellent score!  3 pairs of Wrangler jeans & an Arizona polo for Elvis.
Cost in the store?  Over $50.00  What did I pay?  A little over $7.00!  Now that's a steal!!!!!

A sweet dress for Princess.

2 like new Gymboree tops for Princess  (Total cost $2)

This top is super sweet.
2 tank tops for next summer

Anyone who really knows me knows I ADORE these cups!  They are from hospitals and hold cold beverages wonderfully.  I still have 2 from when Sweet Pea was born & another from when Princess was born.  This is the 3rd one I've found at either a yard sale or thrift store.  Yay!

I found this set of books.  Total for all 4 = 92 cents

This is only a smidge of the bargains we found today.  Dave came home with a bunch of shirts for church & work.  Sweet Pea found a lot of clothes for her wardrobe and Boo Bear did too.  I even found several tops and a couple of comfy t-shirts.  Bugsy & Elvis have several new sharp looking shirts for church.  Elvis even has a Hawaiian shirt - his favorite!  Of course Princess has lots of new clothes.  Most are for next summer which makes me very happy.  I filled up 3 bags of books and scored a new juice pitcher too.  Oh, and the kids bought Beanie Babies for 15 cents each and Princess has a "new" Barbie.  A day full of blessings & bargains!


wendy said...

Awesome shopping trip !!! You are the Queen of bargins. I love finding school books at the thrift store. The clothes look brand new !

Kristine said...

Thank you, Wendy! I view it as a treasure hunt. Lots of fun! =)