Friday, January 6, 2012

Yosemite, Here We Come!

By nature I am a planner. That is how I am most comfortable. But every once in awhile I like to be spontaneous. Yesterday was one of those times. I wanted to have a fun learning experience away from our textbooks. I called the boys in & asked them what they were interested in learning about. One said Indians & the other said science. After searching Netflix for Native American documentaries and coming up empty on anything that would hold the interest of a 6 year old I stumbled upon National Geographic. After using this as my search term I had a wealth to choose from. We chose Yosemite.

After watching the documentary all snuggled up in my room we were ready for the next part. BTW, Elvis gave the film 10 out of 10 stars & Bugsy gave it 1 million! Lol. I think they liked it.
I looked up some information on the Internet & decided we needed to take a quick trip to the store for some ingredients for later. We all piled in the van & off we went. A break for a clean-up of neglected chores & then I gave them the challenge of packing their backpacks.

They were allowed 5 items to be found in 5 minutes. These were items they would take on our "trip" to Yosemite. Our specific destination? To climb El Capitan! Elvis insisted on taking his biggest pillow.

Sweet Pea helped Princess pack. She wasn't going to be left behind!

All packed & ready to roll!

While they packed I re-heated the grub Sweet Pea had cooked earlier. After all you have to start a hike with a filling meal.

Perfect camping food. If we could I would have cooked them over an open fire.

We ate our grub outside on pie tins to get that 'camping feel'. Oh and of course we used our water bottles!

Someone was very happy when Bugsy accidentally dropped a piece of his hot dog.

The girls shared some grub. Sweet Pea's choice.

Once we were done our grub it was time to make a snack for the trail. Hikers can get very hungry & need energy. We talked about the ingredients & how each would help us on our hike.

Now it was time to make it! Everyone wanted to help & we took turns.

Plenty of raisins!

Adding them into the bowl is fun!

Princess wanted a turn too. She likes to keep up with her older siblings. No treating her like a baby! Lol.

I got Sweet Pea to join in after a bit of coaxing.

Now for the cereal to be added in to the mix.

Princess wanted to stir.

Mama decided to add a secret, surprise ingredient. Chocolate chips!
(Scary how much she looks like her Daddy here! ROTFL!)

All mixed in & ready to go!

Doesn't it look yummy?

I had the kids help me scoop it into small plastic bags & we sealed them up. We discussed how this snack is perfect for hiking. Light, easy to eat on the go, easy to carry, healthy (for the most part), etc.

Elvis started goofing off & in the process spilled his trail mix treat all over the floor. While he had a little pity party on the floor Bugs made the most of the opportunity. He took one look at the spilled treat & yelled, "Trail mix!" and dived on the floor. What did Mama do? Well, like any good mama I took pictures. Hee, hee. Hey, what's a little dirt, right?

A quick sweep of the rest of the spilled treat & we were finally ready to head out.

Another distraction awaited as the neighbor's playful little doggie came over for a quick visit. He wanted to "play" with our cat Sky.

Okay, now we're off & hiking! Yes, we are hiking through the forest. Can you see the tall trees, hear the birds, smell the woods? Did you see that Bald Eagle flying overhead? That was amazing!

It took the kids a little while to jump into my imaginary world I was painting for them. But they came. They laughed as we passed by a "wildcat" (neighborhood cat) and I cautioned them about getting too close. Then they joined in when we spotted a bear (little neighborhood dog on his front path). We discussed what kind of bear it was and what we should do yet it come closer. We learned last year how you need to react differently depending on what kind of bear it is.

We soon came upon our destination. But first there was this wild creature to dodge! I was shaking with fright so much that my camera wobbled! Ack!

Finally! El Capitan!

The boys scrambled right up! I was going to have them climb with their backpacks on to keep the feel of our imaginations going but the cautious mama in me had them shed them for safety.

Climbing, climbing, climbing. Princess desperately wanted to climb too but I wouldn't let her. There are some things a Princess can not do yet. She had to settle for the slide on the swing set.

Way up high!

While waiting below Sweet Pea was attacked!

She bravely wrestled the beast off of her!

Princess was beyond brave chasing it into the "forest"& protecting her sister.

Bugsy way up high on El Capitan.

They had a lot of fun & so did I. It's fun to let your imagination take over. So what adventure will YOU be embarking on?


Rhonda said...

You are one fun momma! That trail mix looks so good! YUM!

Mama Teaching 3 said...

Very cute. :) We need to have a fun day like that here. ;)

Michelle said...

This is Michelle from Apologia. We are trying to contact you to let you know that you won a Physics full-course DVD from us. You entered on our blog on 12/12.

Please email me at Michelle at apologia dot com.