Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Fun With Math

Originally I had scheduled that we would start back to school on Monday, Jan. 2nd. I realized even before the New Year dawned that this would not be happening. We spent the last week of our Christmas vacation overhauling both the boy's room, Princess' room & the Family Room. Boo's room was still a work in progress, (Don't ask), and I knew I had no energy to start back that soon. Of course there was also the fact that I hadn't had a moment, (or desire), to work on any lesson plans. So this week has been a week of mega cooking & baking, resting up from yet another bad cold, running errands & starting back in some of our activities. Wednesday I was thinking that some games would be a fun way to fill our morning. You know me. I had to sneak a little learning in there somewhere. =)

First on the list was Match It! - Time
I found this game at a yard sale years ago.

I would say Bugsy is my child who loves games the most. Board games, card games, hands-on games, active games he's your guy. The clock/time game came out of the schoolroom closet & we began!

First we did a quick review of telling time. Then an easy start of matching a few.

He warmed up fast & soon we were doing harder matches.

Lastly I would show him a time on the big clock & his job was to find both matches in the piles.

Thinking hard.

He did a fantastic job!
(Today he asked if we could play the game again. Success!)

Next it was time for Money Bags!
This is one of the games Bugsy received for Christmas. Elvis loves it too. I used my Swagbucks to buy this. Well worth it!
(See my home page, right hand column for a link to sign up for Swagbucks if you haven't already signed up. It's a great way to earn FREE stuff, gift cards, etc.)

SkyWalker was snug in my bed next to me taking a wee nap.

Starting the game!

Sky sleeps on. Isn't he cute?

Bugsy counts out the money he earned in his turn. I believe for this turn he wasn't allowed to use nickels in counting out his earnings.

Elvis' turn. This kid has the best luck when it comes to games.

Some of the play money used in the game.

Moving right along.
I'm the one in last place. Of course. LOL!

Princess cheers for us! She really got into the game which was super cute.

We played two games of this & then it was time for lunch. Later that evening the boys played 'Life' with Sweet Pea. They were loving Game Day! =0)

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Rhonda said...

Looks like lots of fun! I always love seeing his smile. It is so genuine!